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Concept, Apparel Design & Product Development. From idea to finished product.


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We help you with materials, trims, development & sourcing according to your needs.


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We will take you through the full production process.


We specialise in categories as technical outdoor, training, sportswear and ski. Highly experienced in product design and development, brand building, marketing and sourcing. We have a deep understanding of the full process from brand idea/brief, to the finished product in the consumers hand. Since we have started two own clothing brands we know what it takes to start up and manage companies. What needs to be done for the bigger strategic picture and how to go about when deciding on for ex a trim on a garment. The design agency is lead by Ana Kristiansson. Ana has worked for Peak Performance, Salomon, Tenson, Helly Hansen, Haglöfs and Lundhags. Here is the rest of her story, made short:

Born 1979 in Romania. Moved to Sweden at the age of 11. Moved from home, to Stockholm at 18. Went to Paris to study fashion at Parsons School of Design and luckily met the love of her life. Continued to study fashion at Parsons in New York. Moved back to Stockholm. Wanted to be close to the mountains and moved to the Alps, Annecy, France. Wanted to start a family, moved to Gothenburg, Sweden. Wanted a change and moved to an island outside of Stockholm with her family. Worked for some very interesting companies and started a couple of her own brands along the way. Ana is a curious, enthusiastic and positive doer, an avid outdoor lover, that makes things that help people (one way or another).


Technical apparel design, tech pack & development. Brand creation & logo/branding development. Garment fitting & construction engineering. Sample construction review. On site products development. Trim/Print/Art design and production. Material and trim sourcing development. Product merchandising & direction. Trend analysis & forecasting. Extensive travel for trade and factory work. Brand/concept/product presentation & sell in. Product sustainability implementation. We like to observe, listen, and question everything in order to broaden our insights for designing outstanding products. We always see things as challenges instead of problems.


We believe in authenticity. We believe in quality, craftsmanship, durability and timelessness. We believe in always tying to learn something new. We believe in simplicity. We believe in failing, If we haven’t failed along the way, we haven’t pushed ourselves enough. We believe in form follows function. We believe in honesty. We believe the environment needs more friends. We believe everything can and should be questioned. We believe a meal tastes better when it’s cooked and eaten in the outdoors and we believe hugs make the world a better place.

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